The 5 Game-Changing Real Estate Assets Every Investor Needs to Consider in 2024

When it comes to securing your financial future, your strategy must evolve with time. As we look to the horizon of 2024, we’re seeing some pretty alluring real estate asset classes emerging that could be the perfect fit for your retirement game-plan. Whether that retirement is 10 years away, 3 years away, or maybe even being enjoyed right now, the cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits involved across the board can make sense for your unique goals. Let’s dive in and discover what’s grabbing our attention over at JKAM Investments.

  1. The Rise of Marinas: Ever given a thought to Marinas? We’re all aboard due to its multifaceted revenue potential. With a thesis around lakes and rivers, five or more revenue streams per deal, and a historically “Mom and Pop” owned asset class, this is an area ripe for growth, disruption, and optimization.  As the boating industry continues to grow (a $38.3 billion dollar market in the US alone!) investing in Marinas could mean riding the wave to high returns.
  2. Unlocking the Power of Private Lending: With banks making it tougher for borrowers to secure loans, the world of private credit/lending has exploded. This space is all about offering a consistent return, while also sitting pretty on the potential for capital gains. Powerful combo, isn’t it? With an emphasis on short-term lending opportunities, we’re looking to lock in immediate cash flow while our value-add properties provide a strong long-term outlook for our portfolio and yours.
  3. The Evergreen Charm of Multifamily Properties: Multifamily real estate still reigns supreme. It has always been our biggest focus here at JKAM and for good reason. With high occupancy rates even amid market fluctuations, multi-family homes can keep that passive income flowing. This asset class provides the ideal combination of everything we look for by combining cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits.
  4. Industrial and Warehouse Properties – The Unstoppable Giants: We’ve all seen the e-commerce boom, right? Well, it’s ignited an insatiable need for warehouse and industrial spaces across the country. These properties are stepping into the spotlight, promising sturdy returns as supply chain needs continue to grow. This is an area we project will continue to grow as remote work and increased localized economies continue to flourish.
  5. Scoring Big on Distressed Deals Across Real Estate Assets: Finally, let’s not neglect the potential in distressed deals across various asset classes. Buying assets at discounted prices could mean great appreciation potential. It’s all about seizing the opportunity when others are facing hardships.

Each of these real estate asset classes bears unique opportunities far from the bustling noise of Wall Street, contributing towards stable cash flows, value appreciation, and those all-important tax benefits. Our motto here has always been “Wealth Without Wall Street” and each of these asset classes provide direct opportunities to invest in real estate while doing just that.
Do you agree with our thesis for 2024? Whether the answer is yes or no, we’d love to hear from you.

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