Advanced Value-Add Strategies with Lucern Capital Partners

Join Jack Krupey and William Bonati on this live webinar as they discuss Advanced Value-Add Strategies with David Hansel of Lucern Capital Partners.

Lucern Capital Partners’ current Fund, Lucern Philadelphia Value Fund I, L.P., is focusing on Multi Family Value-Add projects in the Philadelphia MSA.

David shares a few stories of how his team identified unique opportunities to add value: these include a fire-damaged Multi Family property that led to a remodel and also a previous Hotel converted to Multi Family.

The JKAM Partners give insights to the current state of the Multi Family Market and the exciting opportunities nationwide. We will go in-depth about how our diversification strategy allows investors to participate with experienced Operating Partners such as Lucern Capital Partners in select markets.

JKAM has developed personal and long-lasting relationships with real estate operators across the nation. We review several projects per month and prioritize those where we can negotiate an increase in potential returns for our investors.