Increased Returns Through Shared GP

Join William Bonati and Jack Krupey as they discuss one of our fund assets with operating partner John Crouch. This project is a 314 unit multi family complex located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Due to the size of our Fund’s investment in select projects, we are able to secure additional benefits, such as shared ownership of the General Partnership of the Project. These benefits are often inaccessible to individual investors through investing directly. Our Fund’s most recent investment is into a value-add multi family project in Lexington, Kentucky that has an optimal structure to increase returns.

JKAM has negotiated a meaningful increase in target returns on this project. This video will introduce you to the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund, a quick overview of some of our current assets, and a deeper discussion about the Lexington project with the Principal of the firm who is operating the day-to-day.

JKAM has developed personal and long-lasting relationships with real estate operators across the nation. We review several projects per month and prioritize those where we can negotiate an increase in potential returns for our investors.