JKAM Diversified Fund II


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JKAM Diversified Fund II

The JKAM team is excited to share the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund II, available to accredited investors. 

The Diversified Fund II takes the guesswork out of project selection, underwriting and management.

With the JKAM’s extensive team experience you are provided a turnkey investment into exclusive best in class private alternative assets ensuring your success through economic cycles.

Recession proof your portfolio through commercial real estate now. 

Key Investment Details

Preferred Return: 6-8% | Projected IRR: 15%+

  Projected Hold Period: 5-6 yrs 

Fund II Highlights

With participation in the JKAM Diversified Fund II you’ll benefit from:

  • Experienced Manager Project Selection
  • Immediate Diversification
  • Lower Minimums
  • Cash Flow
  • Appreciation
  • Low or No Volatility

Fund II Current Acquisition

We have completed the underwriting, vetting and negotiation of exciting and profitable terms for the investors in Fund II. Providing you with an approximate 25-35% increase in your return on investment for this self-storage Fund Acquisition.
The JKAM Fund II is raising capital for this specific acquisition for a limited time. Act now, make a reservation and ensure your spot with the better terms. 

Why We Like This Self Storage Allocation:

  • Immediate Distributions: Positive cash flow allows for immediate distributions, in a market where many value-add properties are accruing. 
  • Better Terms: Investors who subscribe through the JKAM Diversified RE Fund II will receive investment terms typically reserved for minimum investments of $1M. Meaning our investors can access better terms with as little as $50,000 by investing through JKAM.
  • Increased Profits: The JKAM Diversified RE Fund II will be receiving an 80/20 profit split, which includes an added 33% of the GP Profits, meaning that, JKAM’s investors will still come out ahead by subscribing through our fund.
  • Lower Risk: Self-storage is needed during economic downturns as well as during an economic expansion. Investment risk is spread across 60+ high occupancy facilities in various attractive markets. 
  • Value-add Component: The facilities are underperforming, creating a value-add opportunity to increase cash flow and net operating income. 
  • Low Maintenance: Low operating costs, little infrastructure to maintain, and low utilization of utilities leads to lower overhead costs.   
  • Operating Partners- Our operating partner’s robust 700+ item due diligence checklist means we are partnering with the best-in-class vertically integrated self-storage investment firm. They include an in-house property management, allowing for economies of scale.

    Current Holdings


    Upon investing into the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund II, you will gain ownership in all of the Fund’s existing and future value-add properties.


    • Multi Family Value Add- 156 Units- Glendale/Phoenix, Arizona

    • Multi Family Value Add- 382 Units- Jacksonville, Florida

    • Multi Family Value Add- 94 Units- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    • Multi Family Value Add- 342 Units- West Houston, Texas

    • Multi Family Value Add- 180 Units – West Houston, Texas

    • Multi Family Value Add- 132 Units- Greenville, South Carolina

    • Nationwide Self Storage Fund with 20k+ Units

    • Nationwide Private Fund with 5k+ Units

    Fund II Current Holdings

    Upcoming Acquisition


    The JKAM team is in the final stages of underwriting another new opportunity.

    • Multi Family Value Add in the West Houston sub market.

    We are accepting capital into the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund II to fund these and future acquisitions. 

    Steps to invest:

    1. Make A Reservation
    2. Schedule A Call
    3. Verify Accreditation
    4. Review & E-sign Docs
    5. Fund

    Have Questions?

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