JKAM Diversified Funds Update and 2022 Outlook

We are excited to share an update on Fund I, our 2022 outlook and JKAM’s plan to provide exceptional passive income and growth opportunities secured by real estate to our community.

JKAM Diversified RE Fund I Update:

The JKAM Diversified RE Fund I has closed to new equity share class participation (70/30 profit split).  Fund I opened in October 2020 and has allocated to 34 different projects primarily in the multifamily value add space.  One of those projects sold in 12 months and 2 days, resulting in a 98% return on investment. Due to the favorable exit and timing, those proceeds including profit were re-invested into another similar opportunity.  Fund I has many other buildings with rents up 30-40% and we anticipate some additional exits through sales later this year.  For this reason and to be fair to our early investors, we have closed the Fund I equity share classes. 

JKAM Diversified RE Fund II Announcement:

We are finalizing the documents for the JKAM Diversified RE Fund II.  Terms will be similar for Fund II for our equity share classes with 6% or 8% preferred returns and 70% of profits shared with our investors.

This fund will continue to allocate programmatically into syndicated real estate properties and funds over the course of 12 – 18 months.

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