JKAM Fund II Upcoming Allocation


Alternative Investors Mastermind Postcast

Hosted by Jack Krupey

Alternative Investors
Mastermind Postcast

Hosted by Jack Krupey

The JKAM team is excited to provide you with access to participate in an established, private portfolio of 25+ properties across in 15 states, valued at over $1 billion with over $350 million of investor capital.

This investment is designed to provide significant diversification and a blend of current income and growth. The portfolio is stabilized and already producing positive cash flow, and it also has attractive value-add strategies across the properties.

This portfolio made it’s first acquisition in February 2021 and we’ve been tracking this opportunity for over 12 months. We feel now is the ideal time to invest, as we are some of the last capital in and benefit greatly from the value that has been created since last year.

One highly attractive attribute of this opportunity is that many of the assets were acquired more than 6 months ago, allowing investors to invest in them today at their initial cost, and potentially at a discount to today’s values, which have surged since last year.

  • 10 of the properties in the portfolio, totaling more than 2,700 units, were acquired over 6 months ago, and 4 of these assets totaling 1,256 units, were bought over a year ago.

The fund recently closed to new capital, but through our relationship and structure, JKAM’s Fund II investors are able to invest in it now.


Access – MLG Private Fund V is a closed fund that JKAM has an exclusive allocation to.

Built In Appreciation – MLG Private Fund V has been acquiring assets since early 2021 and those assets have seen significant appreciation allowing us to invest in last years prices today. 

Low/Conservative Leverage – Target Debt on all the acquisitions is 65% of all in costs. To date loan to cost across the portfolio of 62.3%, at an average interest rate of 3.34% (as of Q1 2022)

Diversification – 25+ Properties in 15 states,  6,000+ MF units

Defensive Assets – MLG Private Fund V has allocated 80% to multifamily and 11% to industrial thus far.  We strongly believe and history has shown these asset classes perform well with economic headwinds and during high inflationary periods.

Best in Class Operator–  One of the best apartment operators in the U.S. with over 34 years of real estate experience and 650+ employees. The operator has a stellar track record of fully exited projects yielding an average 2.2x equity multiple to investors since inception. They have a highly selective acquisition criteria and source over 75 opportunities per month, to acquire 1 or 2 assets.

Make A Reservation 

Steps to invest:

    1. Make A Reservation
    2. Schedule A Call
    3. Verify Accreditation
    4. Review & E-sign JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund Documents
    5. Fund

Investor Timeline:

    1. Reservation Deadline July 30th
    2. Funding Deadline July 28th
    3. This offering has limited space and will be on a first come first serve basis.