Passive Investment Options. Which is best for you?

Join William Bonati to discuss passive real estate investing and the various structures and investment options available.

As an accredited investor, you are most likely seeking investment options that allow you to receive a positive return on your investment while maximizing your free time and minimizing stress. You have spent your life pursuing your career and building wealth, why continue to work so hard to learn how to invest and manage real estate properties. In most cases, it makes sense to invest passively with a professional to allow you to continue to focus on what you do best (or just relax) and allow the professional to help grow and preserve your wealth.

Real Estate investments offer generous returns and the ability to receive passive income by investing with professional developers, syndicators, and fund managers. Real Estate has many opportunities and strategies to build wealth, each needing a specific knowledge and set of skills to execute. Here are the investment options we will discuss on our upcoming webinar:

  • Direct Investment with the Developer / Sponsor
  • Fintech / Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Private Debt Fund
  • Public REIT

We are looking forward to helping you understand your investment options and the general benefits and potential pitfalls.