Pelorus High Performance Debt Fund

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Alternative Investors Mastermind Postcast

Hosted by Jack Krupey

Alternative Investors
Mastermind Postcast

Hosted by Jack Krupey

The JKAM team is excited to share our newest investment opportunity, Pelorus High Performance Debt Fund.

Pelorus is a Newport Beach-based, private mortgage REIT that provides high-performance loans to owners and operators within the cannabis market.

Key Investment Details

Target Net IRR: 12-15% | Monthly Distributions

  Hold Period: 6 month member lock up, >50k of 8.33% per month


  • Pelorus has deployed $350M (secured by $750M) in the cannabis lending sector since 2016, comprised of 63 transactions with 26 payoffs.
  • Pelorus launched the Pelorus Fund in 2018 with the lending strategy of senior secured notes collateralized by cannabis-use real estate properties with personal/corporate guarantees from the sponsors.
  • Investment-grade rated BBB+ from Egan Jones.
  • Pelorus is taking advantage of mispriced credit caused by the lack of liquidity in the capital market caused by the dislocation between State and Federal policies to generate above-market returns.
  • Pelorus Fund REIT qualifies for a 20% reduction in the Federal tax rate, only generates state income taxes in the state the investor is domiciled, and cleanses UBTI for Self-directed IRA investors.


  • Short time horizon, increased liquidity
  • High Current Cash Flow
  • Alternative to Cash- Inflation is eroding the purchasing power of your dollars and we recognize the need for safety, yield and liquidity. 

    Make A Reservation

    Steps to invest:

      1. Make A Reservation
      2. Schedule A Call
      3. Verify Accreditation
      4. Review & E-sign JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund Documents
      5. Fund

    Investor Timeline:

      1. Reservation Deadline June 20th
      2. Funding Deadline June 28th
      3. This offering has limited space and will be on a first come first serve basis.