Pelorus High Performance Debt Fund

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The JKAM team is excited to share our newest investment opportunity, Pelorus High Performance Debt Fund.

Pelorus is a Newport Beach-based, private mortgage REIT that provides high-performance loans to owners and operators within the cannabis market.

Key Investment Details

Target Net IRR: 12-15% | Monthly Distributions

  Hold Period: 6 month member lock up, >50k of 8.33% per month


  • Pelorus has deployed $350M (secured by $750M) in the cannabis lending sector since 2016, comprised of 63 transactions with 26 payoffs.
  • Pelorus launched the Pelorus Fund in 2018 with the lending strategy of senior secured notes collateralized by cannabis-use real estate properties with personal/corporate guarantees from the sponsors.
  • Investment-grade rated BBB+ from Egan Jones.
  • Pelorus is taking advantage of mispriced credit caused by the lack of liquidity in the capital market caused by the dislocation between State and Federal policies to generate above-market returns.
  • Pelorus Fund REIT qualifies for a 20% reduction in the Federal tax rate, only generates state income taxes in the state the investor is domiciled, and cleanses UBTI for Self-directed IRA investors.


  • Short time horizon, increased liquidity
  • High Current Cash Flow
  • Alternative to Cash- Inflation is eroding the purchasing power of your dollars and we recognize the need for safety, yield and liquidity. 

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    Steps to invest:

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      4. Review & E-sign JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund Documents
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    Investor Timeline:

      1. Reservation Deadline June 20th
      2. Funding Deadline June 28th
      3. This offering has limited space and will be on a first come first serve basis.