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Fund II

The Diversified fund allows passive investors to remove the barriers of selecting an underwriting a private real estate project by investing alongside our firm into carefully sourced and vetted private real estate projects. These opportunities are typically off market and difficult to access.


JKAM Direct Investments allows passive investors to customize their selection of our firm’s carefully curated and vetted projects. Giving you the ability to invest in one or- many of the projects we make available for direct participation.

Diversified Fund

Direct Investment

Diversification Across Operators

Geographic Diversification

Multi Asset Diversification

12% Fixed Income Share Class

Experienced Manager Project Selection

Best In Class Operators

Inflation Hedge

Depreciation Tax Benefits

Lower Minimums for Better Terms

Cash Flow from Distributions

Equity Appreciation

Low or No Volatility

Select from Carefully Curated and Best In Class Projects

Access to Shorter Investment Horizons

Customize your portfolio from JKAM’s Deal flow

Investor Testimonials

Rob B.

Real Estate Operator/Manager
New York


Real Estate Investor
Florida and Puerto Rico

Brian D.

Real Estate Developer

After looking at several investment opportunities I selected JKAM.  Glad I did, they have been helpful throughout the process.  Communication is superb, I receive regular updates about the Fund and how JKAM is strategizing around an ever-changing economy.  Planning to continue working with JKAM and looking forward to the many investments they bring forward as the portfolio grows.
Kevin B.

Business Owner, Colorado

Direct Investments

Through the JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund you may select from our carefully sourced and vetted projects making this fully customizable based on your allocation preferences. 

Get Early Access to Direct Investments

JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund II

The Diversified Fund II takes the guesswork out of project selection, underwriting and management. With the JKAM’s extensive team experience you are provided a turnkey investment into exclusive best in class private alternative assets ensuring your Wealth Creation Without Wall Street. 

Fund Overview

Investment Vehicle

Equity & Fixed

Asset Info

Multifamily, Industrial, Sales Leaseback NNN, Storage + More

Total Raise


Minimum Investment


Investors' Projected Returns


Fixed Returns

6-8% Preferred Returns

12% Fixed Returns

Targeting 15%+ IRR over 5 Years

Fund II: Accepting Accredited Investors

Upon investing into the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund II, you will gain ownership in all of the Fund’s existing and future value-add properties.




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Fund II Current Holdings

Diversified Fund II Investor Account

Fund I Highlights

The JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund I is closed to new investors.






Metro Areas

Open courtyard with gardens and picnic seating.
Open courtyard with gardens and picnic seating.
Phoenix Tombstone
Open courtyard with gardens and picnic seating.
Open courtyard with gardens and picnic seating.
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