Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invest with JKAM Investments?
  1. Create an account on JKAM Investments online portal:
  2. Review the Preliminary Project or Diversified Real Estate Fund Offering Summary
  3. Commit Investment Capital Amount
  4. Review and sign Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) & Investor Subscription Booklet (ISB) via Hello Sign
  5. Wire / Deposit Investment Fund (at least 2 weeks prior to closing)
  6. Receive Confirmation Documents
Is my Investment information secure?

Yes, our investment platform is an industry leader in investor security. The platform offers security features such as: 

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Encrypted Data Transmission End to End
  • User-level data Security
  • Firewall Protection
  • PCI DSS Certified Infrastructure
Who can Invest? What is an Accredited Investor?

JKAM offerings are open to approved, accredited investors. Our offerings are structured under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. Investors will be required to verify their accredited status through a third party such as a CPA, financial advisor, attorney, or a service like You can begin the certification process here:

To be an accredited investor, a person must have an annual income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) for the last two years with the expectation of earning the same or a higher income in the current year. An individual must have earned income above the thresholds either alone or with a spouse over the last two years. The income test cannot be satisfied by showing one year of an individual’s income and the next two years of joint income with a spouse.

A person is also considered an accredited investor if they have a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his spouse. The SEC also considers a person to be an accredited investor if they are a general partner, executive officer, or director for the company that is issuing the unregistered securities.

If I’m not a U.S. citizen can I invest with JKAM?

Yes, we offer International Investors investment opportunities in US real estate and debt exposure through various vehicles. 

JKAM has a deep understanding of the challenges international investors can face trying to invest into US real estate funds. Specific obstacles international clients face are tax and estate planning issues, withholding tax, and potentially having to file a US federal tax return. 

To navigate these obstacles, we have structured a British Virgin Islands Offshore Fund, which is necessary to facilitate investment into US real estate funds or direct property investment.

We are knowledgeable in the Portfolio Interest Exemption, which is a tax efficient debt investment vehicle secured by US real estate.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is $50k. A minimum capital contribution of $50,000 is required to purchase Class B Membership Interests and Class C Membership Interests, and a minimum capital contribution of $250,000 is required to purchase Class D Membership Interests or Class E Membership Interests. See “Terms of the Offering.” in the PPM  by creating an account here:

Can I invest with my self-directed IRA account?

Yes, we accept investments from a self-directed IRA account from registered custodians.

What kind of investments is JKAM focusing on?

Acquisition of or investment in distressed real estate assets. 

The Company purchases and/or invests in various forms of distressed real estate assets located throughout the United States, either directly or through joint ventures. These assets will include residential liens, residential properties, apartment complexes, mobile home parks and smaller commercial real estate properties. The Company will also extend short term loans in first, second or third lien position to other businesses and individuals to enable them to purchase and rehabilitate distressed real estate properties. 

You can view more information about the investment opportunities by creating an account here:

How is JKAM compensated?

JKAM invests as principal or as part of syndications, often as General Partner or Co-General Partner. Our shared ownership model allows JKAM to charge lower fees, potentially providing greater returns to our investors. JKAM, as a shared owner, receives equity in the entities and a share of the profits. Typically, investors benefit from a higher preferred return, lower management fee, or a % of the carried interest which passes through to the fund. 

JKAM as the manager is compensated via a 1% acquisition fee, 1% asset management fee, and an incentive management fee equal to 15% of the Company’s net profits.

Please create an account and review PPM for full details:

How will I be updated on the progress of my investments?

We offer an investment platform with a self-serve investor portal 

We will regularly be communicating updates, distributions, and uploading tax documents such as K-1s through the secure investor portal.

Our investor portal allows investors to track their investments across different profile types like their LLC, IRA, Trust, or as an Individual. Investors also have the ability to generate investment reports and download all offering and tax documents directly through the platform.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Please reach out to our team  directly via email or schedule a call with Investor Relations: